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Privacy policy is an important aspect which will help to give a better service to the user. understands the priority of the privacy policy and we will keep updating our privacy policies. Please go through the following guidelines for a better understanding of the website. is no way responsible for the content to which it is associated with it. Any user who is receiving information in the form of newsletters and emails and other sources can always unsubscribe them whenever they want. Just fill the contact form and unsubscribe the services.


Data collected while registration will not be disclosed. The collected data from the customers will be used only for the internal review purpose only. Once we have finished with the review data will be discarded permanently. Valid suggestions will be considered for the betterment of the company such suggestions are kept for revising in the future. Information will not be shared with third parties for commercial use. The data you shared with us will not be sold or submitted other agencies for personal use or benefits.


At users can be assured of the fact that no cookies were setup to track their personal data. Merchants or stores in our website can set cookies to track their customer behavior. Just disable the cookies option in your browser and you will no longer be tracked by the cookies. We will make sure that, you are updated about the changes in the emerging trends.


High end encryption measurements and securities are taken to see that your personal information is not being misused. From customer side some precautions should be practiced like close the browser after the session is completed and also make sure that no one else access to your information except you. Customer is solely responsible for the loss of your username, passwords and other personal account details. For further queries contact us at [email protected]. Visit our website for most updated Black Friday Deals 2012 and Black Friday Coupons.